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Our Plastic Free Mission

The world is changed by your example, not your opinion. As a chocolate manufacturer, Lovechock takes full responsibility to limit plastic waste pollution as it has become one of the most pressing environmental issues. We must, of course, package our raw chocolate so that you can enjoy a piece of love at home. But how can we do that according to our Lovechock philosophy?

"Love for the Planet" is firmly anchored in the philosophy of Lovechock. It’s truly heartbreaking to see how plastic affects our wildlife, climate and natural resources. The problem grows as the production of plastic increases and Mother Earth has a hard time dealing with it.  At Lovechock, we strive to leave the earth to future generations in the best state possible by consciously reviewing how we can honour the planet. That’s why we wrap our raw chocolate in a circular packaging: an infinite flow where we use earth’s gifts in a humble and mindful way to, eventually, give it back to her.

Circular Packaging

Plastic Free Foil
In our role as pioneers - long before the European Union introduced a ban on free plastic bags to combat plastic waste - we set out to find a solution for environmentally friendly packaging. Now we can proudly say that our packaging has been plastic-free since 2011. We use wood cellulose as a renewable resource to create a transparent foil which is 100% compostable. The wood cellulose comes from the eucalyptus tree, which in turn comes from certified, sustainable forestry (PEFC and FSC).

Environmentally Friendly Wrapper
Now the plastic-free foil is ready, we fill it with our delicious raw chocolate and finish it off with our iconic colourful Lovechock wrapper. The easily re-closeable PEFC carton wrapper is made from environmentally friendly paper from sustainable forests that also respect the socio-cultural values of the community. Don’t forget to recycle the carton wrapper and dispose of it in the paper container. In order to lower our ecological footprint, we keep redesigning our packaging through the years. The wrapper is now sourced from Europe instead of the USA and uses 20% less material than before.

Proven Home Compostable
To make a fully circular packaging, Lovechock’s plastic-free foil is certified home compostable. Meaning you can home compost the foil in your garden. How that works exactly is shown by cradle to cradle expert, Jop Timmers. He did a test in his garden in Amsterdam, disposing of the foil of 16 Lovechock bars in his home compost together with a kiwi packaging foil from the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn. The result? See for yourself:

Three months later, the Lovechock wood cellulose foil was practically gone.

Lovechock's Impact

To give you some idea of the impact we have been able to achieve at Lovechock with our plastic-free foil: as of 2019, we had already managed to save 3.475 kg of plastic! And of course we continue to strive to reduce and improve our packaging to have an even greater impact in years to come.