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Our Philosophy

„Ultimately we want to leave this world a little bit better than we found it and spread a little love and happiness on our journey“, says Lovechock Chief Happiness Director Franziska Rosario. With this philosophy and delicious innovative chocolate creations, Lovechock has developed from a small chocolate kitchen to a company with its own factory in the Netherlands, that’s sells it’s precious raw chocolate in more than 20 countries.

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Love for You

Healthy Chocolate? We think we are close to a better for you product that can be consumed in moderation without guilt. Out of love for you – the first Lovechock pillar - we produce our chocolate with only light shell roasting it to preserve the precious nutrients in cacao. Did you know raw cacao contains 6 times more flavonoids than blueberries? Our chocolate is low processed to be as close to nature as possible to serve up the original and pure taste of cacao. You now can experience the delicious taste of real chocolate. Sweetened with only coconut blossom nectar, low- GI, high in fiber and non-refined. And we do our best to add as little as possible to make it tasty.

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Love for the Planet

Lovechock wants to honour mother nature, therefore we only use organic ingredients. By being vegan or plant-based we reduce the impact of our products on the planet; besides that real chocolate doesn’t need milk. Love for our planet means ensuring our products are packed responsibly. We use plastic-free packaging since 2011. So don’t forget to throw us on the compost heap, or in your green bin.

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Love for the Farmer

Our third pillar stands for the farmers who harvest all Lovechock’s natural ingredients. Our goal is to pay our farmers fair wages. We do that via the Direct Trade principle. This means that we buy our cacao paste directly from the farmer and make sure the poduction process happens in the country of origin as much as possible.