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The Real Chocolate Experience for all your senses

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What chocolate tastes like
Thank you for discovering real, raw chocolate with all your senses, we're looking forward to hearing about your experience. First read the 3 steps. Then it is time to get out of your head, close your eyes and connect with your body. Bring your attention to your breathing.

Now take a piece of chocolate. Resist the temptation to devour it in one go. The more time you give yourself, the richer and more conscious the experience of raw cacao will be. Caress your fingers over your piece of Lovechock. How does it feel?

Bring the piece to your nose. Breathe in and let a wisp of chocolate fly into your nose. Perhaps it evokes a thought or a memory.

Now take the piece to your lips and caress them. What happens in your body? Tense your lips as if you were kissing and then relax them. Then finally you can taste and enjoy. Where is your breath? How does your heart feel? Ask your body and your mind: "How do I feel now?

Slowly open your eyes.


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Audio by: Roos-Veerle Krijnen

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A Holistic coach

Roos-Veerle Krijnen is a Holistic coach, Lead facilitator Truffle Retreats and cacao ceremonies at Roots & Wings, a retreat centre in the heart of Amsterdam.

She has her background in psychology, but Roos wouldn’t classify herself as a psychologist. She is not a tantrica either, but uses tantric tools. She is not a shaman, but uses tools from shamanism. What feels most true to her is being a ‘modern medicine woman’ who supports you in connecting with your own medicine within.

Roos is specialised in working with the subconscious and conscious mind, with and without psychedelics/plant medicine. She works holistic, looks at your family ecology, speaks to your body’s wisdom, your inner child and different parts of yourself that might want to come out of the shadow.

Instead of telling you what is right for you, your psychical health and mental wellbeing, she supports you in direct communication with your own body and feelings.

As a (psychedelic integration) coach and sexuality and intimacy coach she works psychosomatic and deals with trauma from a shamanic point of view, connecting body, mind and soul. Together, you discover which conscious actions will lead you to the desired outcome.

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